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What you need to know about

the California retirement program mandate

The state of California requires that by June 30, 2022, all businesses with 5 or more employees provide access to a retirement savings plan. As a business owner, you can choose to offer the state-sponsored plan, or a different plan like the Finhabits 401k, which offers additional benefits for both you and your employees.

Why choose a Finhabits 401k plan?

You will work with a proudly Latino business that has been serving more than 80 thousand clients since 2015.


Designed to comply with CalSavers


It helps you to avoid penalties


Easy to use and set up


Competitive rates

Compare Finhabits 401k plans and other options

In today’s tight labor market, employees are comparing their benefits when they’re looking for a job. In addition to helping you attract and maintain top talent, the Finhabits 401k plans can help your employees save for retirement with automated contributions deducted directly from the employee’s pay. And, if you’re like most small business owners, you may also be entitled to participate in your company’s retirement plan.

Maximum employee contribution

Catch up contribution ages 50 and older


Defined contribution maximum limit






$61,000 ($67,500 edades 50+)




Not applicable




Not applicable

An alternative that your business and employees can trust


Easy-to-use 401k plans

Our plans are accessible for any business, regardless of size. Finhabits helps your employees to learn smart financial habits while they save for retirement.

Save up to 3 times more

401k plans have higher contribution limits than IRAs like the ones offered by CalSavers.

Potential tax credits for your business

There are federal tax credits in the first three years that could offset plan costs.

Frequently asked questions

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This material has been provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide investment, legal or tax advice. Check with your tax advisor to determine what tax credits and tax deductions may be available for your business. Finhabits does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Investment advisory services offered through Finhabits Advisors LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. There are risks involved with investing. Insurance services offered through Finhabits Insurance Services LLC, a licensed producer in certain states. Finhabits Advisors LLC is not a fiduciary to insurance products or services.