Finhabits at Work is here to make it easy for you to provide trusted, high-quality retirement benefits.

A beneficial solution for you.

We do the heavy lifting.
We deal directly with your employees, so you don’t have to manage their accounts. That’s on us.
We keep your costs low.
Our per employee per month fees are a fraction of what other 401(k) providers charge, and no set-up fees.
We keep your efficiency high.
We don’t get in the way of your work. No administrative burden, no payroll deductions, no headaches.

An easy plan your employees will love.

Easy mobile sign up and low minimums.
It takes just 5 minutes and 5 dollars to open an account with anywhere, anytime mobile access.
Personalized guidance.
Our platform guides them in choosing a portfolio, providing choices based on their financial profile.
Financial habits made easy.
We’ve built in behavioral prompts for simpler decision-making, and provide helpful educational content.

IRA solutions that fit.

We get it – retirement plans can be expensive and complicated. But Finhabits at Work’s IRAs are different. They give your employees flexibility and choice, while keeping things simple and affordable for you.
For employees who want tax deferral, for potentially faster savings.
For employees who want tax-free growth potential.
For employees who want to consolidate by rolling over an old workplace plan.

Get it done in simple steps, minimal effort needed.

You register your business.
Tell us about your business and we can fit your needs.
We invite your employees.
Give us the go ahead, and we’ll manage onboarding directly with employees.
That’s it – you’re good to go.
You can add or remove employees from our system whenever you need to.

Frequently asked questions

How do ETFs compare to Mutual Funds?
An exchange-traded fund is typically a low-cost security that passively follows an index. Most Mutual Funds are actively managed by a portfolio manager and are more expensive.
How does this integrate into new employee orientation?
We’ll provide you with materials for orientation. Additionally, you’ll just go to our portal and activate the new person so they receive a text message with the information they need to open their IRA account.
What happens if an employee leaves the company?
When someone needs to be terminated you just go to our portal and deactivate the person. You won’t get billed the next billing cycle. We’ll reach out to them directly so they can continue saving for their retirement.