Investing with Finhabits means participating in the stock and bond markets. That includes buying a small piece of a large company and lending money to governments. As Finhabits investments grow, they pay interest to the investors. (Some people also call earned interest a dividend).


The bigger the sum invested, the more interest is earned. As your money grows thanks to interest, your invested sum gets bigger. Over time, there's a snowball effect called compound interest. That basically means that you're making money on your money. Naturally, companies have ups and downs, so there is some risk involved. But Finhabits uses diversification of investments to minimize that risk.


Our service will guide you to make the right investments depending on your profile, preferences and goals. So we'll ask you some questions before making a recommendation. We believe that the trick to reaching you financial goals is getting into the habit of investing.


So, whether you’re planning for a dream vacation, a new house, your kid’s college, or your retirement, we want to help you get there.

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