My name is Carlos.

I grew up in the South of Texas between two great cultures. As a Latino boy, I saw the efforts and sacrifices that my parents made to lead us forward. That is, to give our family a better future. Now that I became a father myself, I understand their hard work and dreams, even more.

The story of diversity in our country is a remarkable one. It’s rooted in aspirations for a better future. America is a nation of diversity made of hard-working communities that shape our society. And I see a huge opportunity for those in diverse communities to achieve even more with our hard-earned money.

But as a diverse country, we still face many challenges. For far too long financial services only catered to a select few. This resulted in many of us not growing up with a trusting relationship with a financial institution or an advisor. If you’re like me, I bet one day you wished you’d grown up learning more about savings or investing in your retirement.

That’s why I’m launching Finhabits, a service that helps you get into the habit of investing for your future — that is, investing towards your family's goals. We’re not like other investment companies. We’ve eliminated unnecessary intermediaries and hidden fees to make investing more simple and inclusive, so anyone can reach their financial goals. In fact, you can start investing as little as $5 a week.

My message to everyone who works hard for their family is simple: it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have years of experience investing, what’s important is making it a habit. Dedicating a few dollars today will make a huge difference tomorrow.

With that, I invite you to start working towards your goal today. We’ve put a lot of effort to make Finhabits simple, efficient and secure for all. I look forward to having you on board and to investing together in your future!


Carlos Armando Garcia
Founder & CEO of Finhabits

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