Finhabits launches first Spanish-language TV spot, ‘Tu prioridad’
December 5, 2017
Finhabits launches first Spanish-language TV spot, ‘Tu prioridad’
By the Finhabits Team

The first official TV spot for Finhabits is on air this week. “Tu prioridad” clocks in at :30 seconds and features CEO & Founder of Finhabits, Carlos García. “This production was only possible due to extraordinary teamwork and has been a real pride to see through to its completion,” said García. “Finhabits strives to represent the Hispanic community in the United States - those without access to an employer-provided 401(k) and who, like me, potentially grew up unaware of the importance and benefits of saving for retirement. With “Tu prioridad,” we hope to be, not only a voice, but also a tool for them to change their financial habits for the better.”


Watch “Tu prioridad” below and subscribe to the Finhabits YouTube channel 



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