Let us help you app-ly yourself
November 1, 2017
Let us help you app-ly yourself
By the Finhabits Team

We’ve been hard at work for the past year developing a service that we believe will change the way we all view our finances and our future. Now, our app is finally available for download, making it even easier to manage or create your account and stay on top of the smart habit of saving for your retirement.


Download the app today: 

  • Start contributing with only $5 a week, and go comfortably from there.
  • We put your money in a diverse portfolio and invest it for you. This helps to grow your money over time so you can put your savings to work for you!
  • There’s no paperwork and no confusion, plus we have real people standing by to help in English and Spanish.
  • The security of your personal information is our priority, so our accounts are bank-level secured.
  • Our fees are fair, transparent, and lower than traditional services. No surprises here!


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