Finhabits App Redesign
June 1, 2019
Finhabits App Redesign
By Team Finhabits


Finhabits is all about providing simple yet effective ways to invest. Today, we’re introducing a whole new experience that makes it easier than ever to invest towards life goals and learn new financial habits.


Let’s face it. Managing an IRA or investment account isn’t the sexiest thing ever. That’s why since day one we have placed a lot of emphasis in making Finhabits simple, efficient and available in English and Spanish. And it’s worked! Since launching two years ago, we have signed over 30,000 customers, a majority of whom are bilingual and are investing for the first time ever.


And we've been listening to them. We've been learning how to better engage them and help them make investing a habit. After four months of work, we’re proud to share the next step in our evolution: a redesigned experience with exciting new features.


Introducing “My Finhabits”


For this new version of the Finhabits app, we’ve developed My Finhabits, a new feature that helps our customers stay up-to-date with their money and learn new financial tips.


How does it work?


In terms of functionality, My Finhabits looks like messaging apps such as Facebook’s WhatsApp or Apple’s iMessage. It is powered by Emma, our new virtual assistant. Each update is showcased as a conversation and you can scroll up to see your history and previous updates.


Educational Videos

Video is an important tool for our customers and My Finhabits delivers it directly in our app. From investment concepts and other money tips, to information about navigating our app, we bring timely videos to our customers.


Market news

Curated news and content by our investment team helps our customers make informed decisions and avoid behavioral biases.


Account updates and financial tips

Updates and tips are personalized to keep customers informed about their accounts and cash movements.



Who doesn’t love a good promo? My Finhabits brings special referral programs, discounts and exclusive trials of new services.


Not Just a New Dashboard


With this redesign of Finhabits, we’ve also improved our dashboard experience. Here’s what we revamped.


Account View

We show more detail in the account preview to give users a quick glance at their goals. All the important stuff is there!


Better Management

 Account management is now more intuitive. We’ve also updated the presentation of the investment portfolio so that it’s easier to understand where money is invested.


Additional Accounts

Customers who want to add new accounts get a walk-through of all our products, enabling them to pick the right one.



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