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Invest. Learn. Grow.

Set up an investment goal with Finhabits and invest in a diversified portfolio that makes sense for you.

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Select an investment goal.

Download Finhabits. Our app will guide you to set up a well-diversified investment portfolio that makes sense for you and your financial goals.


Automate your contributions.

You and only you can decide when to contribute and how much. Plus, with automatic contributions of as little as $20 a week, you can reach your goals without much effort.


Learn habits of success.

We know that many families don’t often talk about building good money habits. That’s why every account includes access to our news and education platform.

Expected Return

Use this graph to visualize your potential earnings by dollar contribution.


*Image for Illustrative purposes only. The expected returns shown above are the net of a $3 monthly fee and calculated using an account with a balance of $7,500 and a 6% annual gain. The final amount illustrates the result of four different weekly recurring contributions after 30 years. The performance is hypothetical and does not represent actual performance. Actual performance may vary.

Understand Your Fees


We charge a fraction of what traditional advisory services charge so your money can work for you. That is $3 per month per $7,500 of account balance. An account with a balance under $7,500 will pay a fee of $3 per month. We invest your money in low-cost, exchange-traded funds at companies such as BlackRock, Vanguard and Goldman Sachs. In addition to the Finhabits' wrap fee, these funds will also charge you an average fee of 0.12% per year.

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